As part of the Microsoft Student Partners (Mauritius), my friends and I get to attend several tech and entrepreneurship events happening on the island – and sometimes off the island too. Virtual conferences are all the hype these days. Soon we’re gonna HoloSkype or something.

So a few days back, I got to attend a business-focused productivity event – albeit there was some technical content in there too – along with a couple of other MSPs. The focus was on Office 365 and Microsoft Azure and how can do they fit in the picture. The event itself was hosted at the Hennessy Park Hotel. I have never been there before. While I did not get to visit much, the conference room was nice and comfy but the front reception area felt kind of cramped for so many people – especially at lunch time.


Office 365 & Azure Productivity Event Speakers

Office 365 & Azure Productivity Event Speakers

The main speakers were all from the Microsoft WECA and IOI Region.

Dele Akinsade [Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise Director]
He presented on how the cloud works (and how Microsoft Cloud fits into the picture) with a focus on business solutions, and ended with a demo of Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

Rami Azzi [Microsoft Productivity Director]
His subject was Office 365 and the new upgrades that came with it. He also went through tips and tricks on how to make the most of Microsoft Office 2016 and how to work in teams like a pro. We got a Skype for Business guest appearance from Majid Al-Zein (Rami’s colleague).

Amr El-Sawy [Technical Service Provider for Windows 10]
The last part of the event was on Windows 10 Enterprise. We got a guide to Windows 10, and got to see how Microsoft Cloud and Office 365 and the entire Microsoft ecosystem works together on this new version of Windows.


After a short keynote by the organizer (Thierry, Microsoft IOI), Dele Akinsade took the floor for his presentation on the cloud. It was nicely done. Dele did not linger on Microsoft technologies, but rather talked about the existing cloud – be it Google, AWS or even some local servers a company might have set up – and how it can all work in sync. This was especially interesting to me and my friends as we have been dabbling into cloud computing a lot recently.

He kicked off with “Why go for the Cloud?” – explaining on the Efficiency, the Agility (in terms of Flexibility and Scalability) and the Differentiating Factor that it can offer before moving to the different components behind a cloud solution.

He then proceeded to go through what Microsoft Cloud offers in terms of Productivity and Enterprise Mobility, Developer and Application Platforms and Data Analytics as well as support for Internet of Things. The problem is that not all servers are adequate to be on the cloud – and this is where the consistency and interoperability between Microsoft Cloud and local datacenters comes into play.

Finally, he talked about the open and flexible nature of Microsoft Azure – which actually provides for Linux (Red-Hat, Ubuntu and many more), WordPress and several other systems – with support for 2000+ SaaS Applications out there. To back this up, he pulled off some stats according to which, most machines on Microsoft Azure right now are actually running Linux systems and most usage is actually from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).


Last on the agenda for Dele was a series of short demos, starting with the basics of Microsoft Azure and its consistency – after all, with 28 Data Centers running as of today in different regions of the world, consistency and reliability is to be expected. He next breezed through the Azure Marketplace and its “Pay-As-You-Go” scheme with a side note on how Microsoft takes care of all the patching, maintenance and security of your data once you go for Microsoft Cloud.

To conclude he did a demo of Power BI also offered by Microsoft. This was particularly interesting as Mr. Akinsade showed us how data from a live feed was actually being displayed and processed in a way that makes it truly understandable by all. Along with that, we got a sneak peek at how Microsoft itself internally uses Power BI as a management tool – which was really impressive.


Honestly, it was a 3-hour event with so much content that we found it hard to blog about on our own. Hence, I invite you to shift to a linked blog post by one of my friends (also an MSP) who was there as well. Check out what happened during the rest of the event.

Link: Encrypted Cookie By Miss Tk.

Let me know your views on the Cloud or Microsoft Azure and Power BI in the comments.

Teaser: Another event coverage coming up by end of next week.


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  • Arshad 06/03/2016 Reply

    Hey Vidush, really nice one. I love it. On another note, yes indeed PowerBI is really powerful with the cloud. I have been using it for a while now and there is so much things you can do, so much patterns and insights you can discover and learn from!

    Hope to see more interesting stuffs in the future. 😉

    • Vidush H. Namah 06/03/2016 Reply

      Arshad 🙂 Glad to see you here. Oh I loved the Power BI part. Definitely gonna explore that more. And sure! More interesting stuff coming up. Stay tuned 😉
      PS: Thanks for the support.

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